ECO Smart Local

Towards the transformation and creation of local trade networks and sustainable digitalization.

While it is true that international trade has helped consumers to have a wider range of purchasing options within our reach, it has also contributed to the deterioration of the environment with the emission of greenhouse gases during transport. Today’s end consumers are increasingly informed and aware, and their shopping experience also depends on their knowledge of the origin of the products and the production methods used.

Our project, carried out in 2021, and following the line of reasoning above, sought to involve small businesses in the fight against climate change. Promoting environmental responsibility in the commercial sector. Reducing energy consumption and waste production through simple techniques. We want to stimulate environmental innovation in commerce by disseminating success stories. To this end, we carry out a series of training actions on sustainable sales methods, digital transformation for a transition towards sustainability and sustainable management of businesses. This is complemented by guidance and advice for the transformation into eco-stores. This was carried out in three different regions, on the one hand in Vilamarxant (Valencian Community), Almeria (Andalusia) and Aguilas (Murcia region).

Project funded by: Fundación Biodiversidad in the framework of the empleaverde Program, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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