what do we offer?

We offer you an inspiring workspace where we value talent and collaboration. Our community is full of committed people like you, eager to do their bit to make tomorrow a better place.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy working and developing your idea or project, in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, you are in the right place.

what do we have?

Our shared workspace is not just a place where there are ergonomic chairs, tables and good wifi connection (although we have all of the above).

Above all, we try to generate value by connecting people and talent, organizing activities that generate added value, increasing productivity and above all, building a healthy, close and positive environment with our “family” of coworkers.

our rates


Flexible positions

130€ / month


Permanent positions

195€ / month


Individual and Team

from 500€ / month

why work in a shared workspace?