Youth for interculturality and gender equality in Tetuan

Youth for interculturality and gender equality in Tetuan

The main objective of the project “Youth for interculturality and gender equality in Tetuan” is to train and raise awareness of cultural diversity and gender equality, in collaboration with the Padre Piquer Training Center and the NGO Prodiversa. Through online and face-to-face courses, teachers and students are trained in participatory methodologies, as well as in the use of audiovisual tools for communication and awareness-raising. In addition, students are encouraged to actively participate in the creation of mini-documentaries that address issues related to cultural diversity and gender equality, which are disseminated locally, nationally and internationally.

The project is not only limited to training, but also seeks to have an impact on the community through awareness campaigns. The students carry out research in the neighborhood, getting to know local entities through interviews and the production of mini-documentaries, all within school hours. The dissemination of these videos will be carried out through a website, social networks and local events, thus promoting interculturality and gender equality at different levels of society.

Project funded by: the 2023 Call for Development Education, European Values and Global Citizenship. Madrid City Council.

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